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EU Digital Agenda (News Item)


Digital Agenda: Commissioner Kroes welcomes mobile operators' work on child safety; calls for more effort to raise parents' awareness

On 9 June 2010 the European Commission welcomed, in a press release, the publication of the 3rd implementation report of the European Framework for Safer Mobile Use by Younger Teenagers and Children by GSM Europe. This review shows that 91 companies are putting in place at national level the measures agreed in a Europe-wide voluntary agreement brokered by the European Commission in 2007.

National self-regulatory codes based on the European framework now exist in 25 Member States, which means that 96% of all EU mobile subscribers are benefitting from this agreement.

You will find the Commission press release online

You can download the GSM Europe executive summary report, as well as national reports

Digital Agenda: Commission outlines action plan to boost Europe's prosperity and well-being

In May 2010 the European Commission has launched the "Digital Agenda", its flagship initiative which would contribute significantly to the EU's economic growth and spread the benefits of the digital era to all sections of society.

The Digital Agenda will help parents and their children keep safe online. In particular, through the Safer Internet programme, all EU countries will be encouraged to set up hotlines for reporting offensive online content and offer teaching online safety in schools. Providers of the online services that are most popular among the younger generations (e.g. social networks, mobile phone operators) will be asked to further develop self-regulatory measures regarding online safety for children by 2013.

You can find the Commission's press release on the Digital Agenda, as well as further details on this communication here:

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