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Press Release - Chlidline Launches 'The Safe Click Code' (News Item)


Childline Online leads the way in supporting young people through technology and launches ‘The Safe Click Code’ – a guide to staying safe online.

Today is International Child Helpline Day and the ISPCC is marking the day with the launch of the 2009 Childline online statistics and an information leaflet, ‘the Safe Click Code’ which promotes safer use of the internet and mobile phones.

The ISPCC’s Childline service has been listening to Ireland’s children for 22 years. The service went online in 2005 and has since seen the demand for the online service surge with a staggering 500% increase in text conversations in 2009 highlighting that Childline’s innovative TEENTXT service is leading the way in supporting Ireland’s young people.

Caroline O’Sullivan “The ISPCC are always trying to keep up with both the demand for our services and the development of innovative services that best meet the needs of children and young people and the success of Childline Online reflects how this can be achieved.”

The 2009 figures below clearly demonstrate that Childline is engaging with young people in new technologies that they feel comfortable using.
Key findings in 2009:
  • 13,666 live text conversations (a 500% increase on 2008)
  • 8,775 automated texts received
  • 4,211 one-to-one live chat conversations took place
  • 2,688 emails received
  • 62,798 hits to

Children and young people contacted Childline Online for wide range of issues in 2009 including Everyday life 27.6% Psycho/social/mental health 10.7% Peer relationships 12.6% as well as issues such as abuse and violence, bullying, and many more.

These statistics show children are using the internet and mobile phones more and more to seek support, but there can be risks involved in the use of new technologies. While the internet and mobile phones can be safe, educational and fun, they must also come with a health warning. With this in mind the ISPCC has launched its ‘Safe Click Code’ for young people and parents giving tips on how to keep children safe while using modern technologies.

Margie Roe, National Childline Online Manager, today said; “There have many reports recently about the issue of cyber bullying which highlights the need for
raising awareness, among parents and children, on how to keep children safe while online” and it is with this in mind that we have developed the ISPCC Safe Click Code leaflet.

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