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Youthnet (UK) Report "Life Support: Young People's Needs in a Digital Age" (News Item)


The Report was undertaken by Professor Michael Hulme of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Lancaster University and looks at how digital communications have impacted on the psychological and neurological behaviour of young people and the challenges this poses for agencies and organisations who aim to support young people.

The report draws together literature and new research conducted in the UK with 994 young people aged 16 to 24. Of the young people surveyed:
  • 75% said they couldn't live without the internet;
  • 45% said they felt happiest when online;
  • 32% agreed with the statement "I can access all the information I need online, there is no need to speak to a real person about my problems";
  • 82% said they had used the internet to look for advice and information for themselves and 60% had for other people;
  • 37% said they would use the internet to give advice to others on sensitive issues.
The report concludes that "Young people are far from unaware of the risks of the internet. They have a clear understanding that individuals can and do misrepresent themselves on occasion."
  • 77% of the young people surveyed agreed that "On the internet you can never know if someone is who they say they are."
The conclusions set out useful advice for service providers in terms of using the internet as a medium to reach their target audience.

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