Ok , so when I’m online I like to ……..


Use Chat Apps

Chat Apps can be a great way to stay in touch or to meet new people. These apps allow users to talk with friends and chat to new people nearby or across the world.

Be Careful…….


Use Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat amongst others are great for creating your own profiles, linking to your friends profiles, creating blogs and commenting on other peoples profiles and sharing photos. 

Be Careful……


Use Messaging Apps 

Messaging apps are great for chatting to your friends, its quick, you can set up contact lists so you can see when your friends are on line at the same time as you and you can talk to more than one of them at the same time.  You can share photos, videos, audio, text and drawings.

Be Careful …….


Help Beat the Cyberbullies

If you're being bullied


Click here for our guide on Cyberbullying


Click here for a list of sites dealing with Cyberbullying


Blogging and Vlogging

Blogging and Vlogging can be a great way for you to share your thoughts and opinions on a whole wide range of things. But its important to remember that because blogs and vlogs are on the internet , anyone maybe able to look at it. Its important to remember this so you think long and hard about what kind of information you really want to put out there for people to see.

Be Careful…… 


Online Gaming

Online Gaming can be a great way to interact and befriend new people while playing with or against them. Many people enjoy the challenge or competing with others or sharing their knowledge an experience to improve their skills and learn ways to beat the system.

Be Careful…… 


P2P Sharing

‘Peer to Peer’ File Swapping or Filesharing can be a great way to swap files that you are interested in, like music and movies for example with friends and other users on the internet..

Be Careful…… 


Ok, so I know what the risks are but what do I do if I find if I find some material that might be illegal, or I have an experience that seems strange or wrong or makes me feel uncomfortable?


If you find material that you think might be illegal, or if you’re having experiences on the internet that don’t seem right, then you should do the following:


If you come across material that you think may be illegal, then you should report it to www.hotline.ie. Note that this is an anonymous service and you do not have to give your name or any personal information.


What kind of material might be illegal? 


www.hotline.ie exists to combat illegal material on the Internet. All reports are assessed and where content is found to be illegal action is taken
You may report content you suspect to be illegal encountered when using any of the following services: 







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