The other major cornerstone of the self–regulatory system in Ireland is the provision of a mechanism for members of the public to report suspected instances of child pornography they may come across on the Internet. In Ireland the system is known as (Click here to learn more about

Established in 1999, the Hotline provides a secure and confidential service for the public to anonymously report content they encounter on the Internet that they suspect may be illegal. Once reported, the material is assessed by Hotline Staff and, if considered to be probably illegal, steps are taken to instigate its removal from the internet. The primary focus of the Hotline is to combat Child Pornography. Other forms of illegal content and activities exist on the Internet and may be reported using this service.


The Hotline is funded by the Internet Service Providers' Association of Ireland with support from the EU Safer Internet Programme. Ireland’s participation in the EU Safer Internet Programme is coordinated by the Office for Internet Safety.


To provide a fast response to illegal material that is hosted outside the Irish jurisdiction, the Hotline is a member of INHOPE, the international organisation of Internet Hotlines. The INHOPE organisation applies rigorous standards to which its members must adhere. These are provided in the INHOPE Code of Practice to which the Hotline has signed up. While can accept reports other than Child Pornography, not all INHOPE hotlines are permitted to do so. This may result in some cases where the Hotline can not forward reports of illegal content that is located outside of this jurisdiction. Click here for further information on INHOPE. annual reports can be found on the publications section of the website.


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