What is the Internet Safety Advisory Committee (ISAC)?

The Internet Safety Advisory Committee (ISAC) acts as a forum for relevant stakeholders to share experience in the area of internet safety. It advises the Office for Internet Safety/Department of Justice & Equality on such matters.

What is the role of the ISAC?

The role of the ISAC is:

  1. To advise the Office for Internet Safety on all aspects of internet safety, particularly as it relates to children.
  2. To act as the national stakeholder forum for the purposes of the requirements of the EU-funded Safer Internet Ireland project.
  3. To advise on the monitoring and evaluation of the existing self-regulatory framework by Internet Service Providers to ensure a safer internet environment.
  4. To advise on public awareness raising in relation to illegal and harmful content on the internet.
  5. To advise on the current approaches both domestically and internationally in relation to addressing issues with regard to illegal and harmful content on the internet.


Who are the members of the Internet Safety Advisory Committee?

The members of the Internet Safety Committee are as follows:


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